Access control

Access control​

The Blue Eagle Protection Method

A Blue Eagle security expert will work with you to assess your specific access control needs, evaluating any current systems in place and identifying areas for improvement. Together, we develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique requirements to ensure optimal security.


The Blue Eagle team of trusted security system engineers will design a results-focused, integrated access control solution utilising the latest global technology. We prioritise proactive protection by implementing secure access points. Our team takes into account your unique needs and requirements when creating a comprehensive access control system that includes the following considerations: The layout and size of the area to be protected: This will determine the number and placement of access points and other devices needed to provide adequate coverage. The type of environment: Different environments, such as indoor or outdoor, may require different types of access control devices and equipment.

The level of security required: This will determine the type of access control device to be used, such as card readers, biometric devices, or keypads, and the level of access granted to different users.

Integration with other security systems: The access control system should be able to integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion detection, surveillance, or fire alarm systems, to provide a more comprehensive security solution.

Scalability: Should the system be scalable to meet future security needs.

User management: The system should provide an efficient way of managing user access and revoking access if needed.

Authentication method: the system should provide a secure method of authenticating the user, such as password, biometric, or smart card.

Upon completion of the access control system design for your site, the Blue Eagle team will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for implementation and next steps and seek your feedback to ensure optimal security for your property.

The Blue Eagle team of experienced security technicians and installers will expertly implement the access control system. You and your team will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support as you integrate the system and plan for optimal security.

Our team of technicians will closely monitor the access control system following deployment to ensure proper functionality and optimal user experience. Additional monitoring options are available, including access attempts, user management, and real-time access control monitoring, for added security and peace of mind.