CCTV is complex and serves many purposes learn more, everyone’s expectations are different, have different needs and levels of required security Blue Eagle go through a process to ensure you get the right fit.


The Blue Eagle Protection Method

Our trusted security advisors’ partner with you to identify your CCTV needs. During this process, the security advisors will closely inspect any existing security systems you may have in place to identify areas of improvement and help you to form a plan. 


The Blue Eagle team will formulate a strategy and design of a CCTV solution with a results-driven focus utilizing the latest global security technology.

We firmly believe that security measures should start at the boundary and provide the benefits of pre-emptive alerts before an event can occur. When designing your security system, our team will keep in mind the following things: 

After compiling the strategy and design of the security system for your site, the Blue Eagle advisors will report back to you with their recommended next steps. 

Once approved, the Blue Eagle team of security technicians and installers will proceed with the deployment of the security system. During this process, you and your team will receive training and full support as you implement your new security system and plan. 

Our Blue Eagle policy requires that CCTV be installed in a way that ensures only the customers themselves have access to the system credentials and permissions. This is a process that we take the customer through at the stage of installation handover, this is typically a case with residential.

An exception to this is where the Customer requires Blue Eagle to manage the system for them, this is normally only a case on the high-end video management systems we do, at this level audit trails can be conducted on users to ensure the very highest level of privacy, audit trails can be conducted by the owner or Blue Eagle.

Where a customer does require Blue Eagle to manage for them the credentials are stored in a secure file by Blue eagle highly vetted staff with an internal audit process. 

At this level Blue Eagle will only access when:

  • The customer requires monitoring.
  • The customer requires changes.

On Blue Eagle managed systems a for a time Blue Eagle technician will monitor the system following deployment to ensure full functionality and a quality user experience. Further monitoring services are available including system health, alarm, CCTV passive and active monitoring.