Bosch Properties – Customer Case Study

With the current alarming rate of increase in crime, companies are seeking innovative solutions to safeguard their assets and protect their properties. One such organization, Bosch Properties, faced challenges related to antisocial behaviors like violence, graffiti, vandalism, and theft at one of their carparks which is leased to a valuable client. Seeking a comprehensive security solution, they turned to Blue Eagle, for advice on a solution that would safeguard their property and its users. This blog post looks into how Blue Eagle successfully designed and implemented a new CCTV system for Bosch Properties, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to combat these issues effectively and protect People, Property, Information and Reputations.

Detecting Criminal Behaviors

The first step in addressing the security concerns faced by Bosch Properties involved establishing a robust surveillance system. Blue Eagle’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the building’s layout, identifying vulnerable areas and strategic positions for CCTV cameras. They selected a combination of high-definition cameras, strategically positioned to provide comprehensive coverage and minimize blind spots.

To enhance detection capabilities, Blue Eagle employed advanced video analytics software, capable of recognizing suspicious behavior patterns and automatically alerting Bosch Properties management. This cutting-edge technology ensured that the system could identify threats promptly, facilitating a swift response and preventing incidents before they escalated.

Integrating Speaker Systems for Deterrence

In addition to visual surveillance, Blue Eagle incorporated a speaker system. The integrated speaker was strategically installed within the carpark for maximum effect. Leveraging advanced audio systems, allows security personnel and property managers to communicate directly with offenders in real-time, notifying them that their actions were being monitored and that they should vacate the premises immediately.

When the video analytics software detected suspicious behavior, such as acts of violence, individuals engaging in graffiti and damaging property or loitering for extended periods, the system can automatically trigger the speaker system. Security personnel, monitoring the CCTV feed, could then address the offenders through the speakers, issuing a clear and authoritative message that their activities were being recorded and that they were violating the property’s rules. This immediate and personal intervention has a powerful deterrent effect, discouraging antisocial behaviors and prompting offenders to leave the premises promptly.

The Solution

Blue Eagle chose to

Benefits of the Blue Eagle CCTV Solution

The implementation of Blue Eagle’s state-of-the-art CCTV system brought significant benefits to Bosch Properties in addressing their security challenges. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhanced surveillance: The high-definition cameras provided crystal-clear footage, allowing security personnel and management to identify individuals and incidents with greater accuracy.
  2. Real-time detection: The advanced video analytics enabled immediate identification of suspicious behaviors, ensuring swift responses and preventing potential incidents.
  3. Active deterrence: The integration of speaker systems empowered security personnel and management to directly address offenders, sending a strong message that their activities were being monitored, discouraging antisocial behaviors, and promoting a safer environment.
  4. Reduced incidents and associated costs: With an effective CCTV system in place, Bosch Properties can experience a significant reduction in incidents of violence, graffiti, vandalism, and theft. This will lead to reduced repair and maintenance costs associated with property damage, a safer and more welcoming environment for shoppers and staff using the carpark.

Customer Testimonial

“Blue Eagle approached us to discuss our surveillance needs and work through the best options for us and our situation.  The 3 keys aspects for us were: 1. clear footage 2. real-time alerts about unwanted behaviour in our carpark 3. remote access to a speaker for direct communication.  Blue Eagle delivered on all three.  The software is very easy to use either on a desktop or your mobile.  The real-time alerts are a great peace of mind knowing unwanted behaviour is being picked up automatically and an alert being sent to our phones immediately.  Prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure.  The different camera options fitted our circumstance well, being guided by Blue Eagle‚Äôs expertise.  Overall we are extremely happy with their service and product.”

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Automated Audible Response to Intrusion Detection

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